GoodPractice is going global! To be fair, we already are: our content draws on the best international thinking and we have customers from across the globe, but the recent Emerald acquisition has given us the impetus to push harder.

So, we are starting with Australia. The UK is very much aligned with our Antipodean friends in terms of L&D. For example, GoodPractice’s 70:20:10 paper references a piece by DeakinPrime (Demystifying 70:20:10). We are already talking the same language.

The Emerald acquisition gives GoodPractice a headstart as they have an established office in Melbourne. Our colleague Rizwan Saeed is taking a leading role in sharing the GoodPractice message on the ground – it’s great to welcome Rizwan to the GoodPractice family.

However, the only way to really understand a market is to go there, which is why Peter Casebow, GoodPractice’s CEO, and I will be in Australia in October.

Peter is speaking at the Learning@Work event in Sydney and before that we will be in Melbourne, and anywhere else the opportunities take us! Peter has been with GoodPractice from the beginning, which means he has a wealth of experience to draw on.

I am a bit newer to the team (I joined GoodPractice from Emerald) but can already see how our approach to supporting leaders and managers would be an asset in Australia.

I have already had a number of those pre-breakfast calls with potential partners and customers. Every one has been fascinating and teaches me something new about the learning and development market, both in Australia and globally. And, as a bonus, everyone is so friendly!

If you are in Australia, interested in GoodPractice, and would like to meet Peter and me between the 19th and 30th of October, please get in touch.

I am really interested in mutual collaboration and working together to make approaches to L&D more effective. So if you have any thoughts – I’d love to hear from you.

Chris Keenan

Business Development Director