In the last year GoodPractice has carried some deep research into the learning habits of people in management positions. In particular, we’ve been interested in where they turn to for support when faced with workplace challenges and what tools they interact with most often. Some of this research can be found in our report on ‘The Learning Habits of Leaders and Managers‘, while the rest has been used to help us develop our products.

On the back of this, I wanted to share with the wider community a project we’re currently working on that we believe will really help get useful content into the hands of users right when they need it.

Our research suggests that managers think of ‘learning’ as something to do when they have time. Because of that, amongst other reasons, they turn to their peers, external networks and resources before they would consider visiting an LMS or booking themselves onto a course.

This, combined with the fact that most people find it difficult to find things on corporate intranets, means there is often a great deal of useful content not being accessed when it would be most useful.

Introducing G-Wiz

One tool that managers do use often is Google. So we thought about how we might augment results from Google with content from an internal source. From this initial thought, we developed a lightweight browser plugin and back end service architecture that does just that.

The product is now at a stage of development where we’re ready to carry out some beta testing. However, a product like this needs to be rolled out a bit wider than just friends and family to really uncover optimisations and improvements, so we’re asking for help.

If you work for an organisation that would be interested in trialling an innovative new product, get in touch. You get the opportunity to have significant input into the development of the end design, and, if you like the results, we’ll make sure that when we release a live product, you’ll get a hefty discount on the license. What’s not to like?

So, take a look. Let us know what you think. And if you’re interested in what you see, get in touch!