We’re using the summer months to put the finishing touches to two new products and finalise some exciting plans for the future..

At the end of the September, we’re launching the Essentials range of e-learning modules for leaders and managers. We’ve developed these in partnership with Kineo and having spent yesterday looking at courses, I’m really excited about them. They’re packed with great learning to give a leader the best possible introduction to a topic and they are built to a really high quality.

Creativity Essentials

The first four topics will be:

  1. Creativity Essentials
  2. Coaching Essentials
  3. Networking Essentials
  4. Time Management Essentials

With another six in production for delivery in the next six months.

At the same time as the e-learning Essentials range is being developed, the team are working on our new Video Essentials library. This too is looking like a great addition to the overall product offering and really completes the range of specialist leadership and management materials that we offer. There are now toolkits, mobile learning (our app is approaching 10,000 downloads), e-learning, video and bespoke packages of leadership and management materials and resources.

All this means we’re busy redesigning the GoodPractice website and this blog will start to evolve and change over the next few weeks.

Tony Karrer

On the subject of blogs changing, Tony Karrer has launched a new version of eLearning Learning.  You can read a bit about it via his blog post. If you don’t subscribe already, I’d highly recommend it.

Lastly, on the exciting list of things we’re working on; we need to recruit a marketing director to work with us on growing the business. If you know anyone who might be interested tell them to watch out for us posting the job soon.