For fifteen years, GoodPractice has been a small company with a family feel that has punched well above its weight. We’ve innovated at the forefront of the on-demand performance support market. With a focus on user experience, our toolkits and e-learning make a tangible difference to leaders and senior managers everywhere. Our range of products and services is second to none, and the team we currently have in place is exceptional in every department. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve built.

None of this would have been possible without the trust, support and encouragement of our customers. They have been at the heart of everything we do, and we are proud to have excellent relationships with an impressive and diverse portfolio of clients.

It was perhaps no surprise then that, after a record-breaking 2014/15 where we exceeded all our targets across the business, we were approached by a company of the stature and quality of Emerald Global Publishing Group with an interest in acquiring the business. We weren’t looking to sell, but the offer from the Group was too good to pass up. So on behalf of the directors of both companies, I’m delighted to announce that as of Monday 15th June 2015, GoodPractice has joined the larger family at the Emerald Group.

One of the best things about this deal is the Group’s confidence in GoodPractice and our business plan. They’re not coming in to make sweeping changes. In fact, with the exception of the Group’s directors Richard Bevan, Simon Cox and Chris Keenan joining our board, very little is changing. We’re retaining the same talented group of people, keeping our well-known brand and maintaining the same high standards of innovation and customer service.

What the Emerald Group are bringing to the company will only improve everything we do. Their experience and support will prove invaluable. Their investment in the business and their extensive, global network will allow us to bring forward plans to push GoodPractice heavily into the international market. In short, the Group’s purchase is going to allow us to keep doing what we do, but better, faster and for a wider audience. Our first priority will be extending our reach outwith the British Isles, consolidating and building on the inroads we have already begun to make around the world.

Our two businesses complement each other beautifully and I’m genuinely excited to see what we will achieve together. What’s more, I know the Group’s directors are just as delighted as I am.

I can’t wait to get started on this new chapter in the GoodPractice story.

If you’re interested to read more details on the deal, the official press release is here.