Last week nine of us in GoodPractice were immersed in learning new skills and behaviours. It was the first time, in along time, that I’d been involved in learning that required a change in my beliefs. We had decided that in order to serve our customers better it was important to learn Sharon Drew Morgen’s Buying Facilitation methodology and having reviewed some material and discussed this with Sharon Drew we realised that the only way to do this was to jump right in. At GoodPractice, we look at learning at three levels and Buying Facilitation is definitely one which requires you to take time out and focus on acquiring the new skills. Whenever we are faced with a task, problem or challenge, we tackle it using one of three modes of learning:

  • Just-in-time
  • Explore
  • Deep Dive

In each of these three modes there are a number of different channels we can use to get the information and support we need. three levels of learning Sharon Drew’s work challenged our beliefs around our roles (what is the role of a sales person?) and how we best serve of clients and grow the business. In a week, she taught us about listening in a very different way and about how to ask questions that support the client. We know we are still at the beginning of this journey and we have an ongoing coaching programme with Sharon Drew as we look to embed the new skills. I think I may just be on the border of concious incompetence and conscious competence in terms of my listening and skills levels! Like learning any new skill it will now take practice and reflection to build on that. Learning the skills is great and I’m really looking forward to mastering them, but working with Sharon Drew has provided much more than a new skill set. She has great change skills and brings a wonderful insight which means she is a catalyst for change and she has the skills, perception and knowledge to help ensure that the change succeeds. Buying facilitation is not just about sales, and serving your clients better. For individuals it is a life skill that gives them the skills to help others reach their right decision and for an organisation it provides a change catalyst that is exciting and dynamic.