We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest L&D research project in partnership with the Australian Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP).

Later this year we’ll be launching a brand new L&D research paper which will focus on the impact and uptake of learning technologies by Australian organisations. We’ll be investigating how Australian L&D functions are getting to grips with a range of learning technologies including:

  • social learning technologies
  • virtual classrooms
  • e-learning
  • Learning management systems
  • performance support tools
  • mobile learning
  • AI and VR

Our goal is to uncover the barriers that Australian L&D functions are facing as they work with these technologies, and to share examples of positive practice and key lessons learned.

Australian L&D managers wanted

We’re looking for Australian L&D managers to contribute to this brand new research. If you are in a senior L&D role working in an organisation with 200+ employees we want to hear your views, opinions and experiences about the current state of learning technologies in Australia.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact Giorgio Migliaccio, General Manager Australia on +61 3 8648 8847 or gmigliaccio@goodpractice.com.