Not a blog on learning, performance on technology today. The snow over the last few days has played havoc with my plans. At home we’ve got over a foot of snow lying and my neighbours and I spent a couple of hours digging the street clear so we could get out today.  Dreaming of a White Christmas is one thing, experiencing a white Easter is something altogether less seasonal and attractive. For goodness sake, it’s supposed to be daffodils, Easter bunnies and warm spring days to roll Easter eggs.

This photo was taken yesterday morning as the snow came in horizontally

Blizzard conditions

This morning after lots of digging it looked like this

After the storm

Today also marks the start of our new financial year and we’re really excited about the future, we’ve had a superb year in terms of building the business and we have to thank all our loyal clients for once again renewing their licences and all the new clients who have put their trust in us this year.

There’s a real buzz in the office as the team are busy finishing testing the new web platform which we will be introducing later this month. It’s been built based on extensive research with leaders and managers about what they value and use and it will provide us with a step change in what we can offer clients. So as we enter our 10th year in business I’m very excited about the future, even if the climate is unseasonally chilly. Happy Easter.