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Podcast 169 — One solution, hold the slides: introducing performance consulting

How do you challenge your colleagues and clients to think deeply about the problems they bring to you, and how can you gain the credibility to help solve those problems?

Podcast 168 — Inside ‘Messengers’: Are attractive people more believable?

How effective are we at separating the ‘messenger’ from the ‘message’? Do we truly listen to what people have to say, or are we overly focused on how they say it and who they are?

Podcast 167 — In defence of the course

The humble course was once the go-to solution for learning and development teams across the world, but in recent years it has suffered from a damaged reputation. This week on The GoodPractice Podcast, we discuss whether traditional formal learning has a role in the modern workplace. And, if so, when?

Ten L&D podcasts we love, and you will too!

Last year, we revealed our pick of the best L&D and HR podcasts to help you keep on top of the latest issues affecting our profession. That blog was so popular that we thought we should update it for 2019, removing those shows that no longer exist and adding some new favourites that have emerged over the summer.

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