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The L&D Lowdown – The Bright Ideas Edition

Welcome to the Bright Ideas Edition of the L&D Lowdown! During these dark winter months, we could all benefit from some advice on how to keep our skillset shining bright. So this month we’re featuring articles that will ignite your L&D strategy and spark your creativity.

Podcast 171 — If only I had the time: achieving work-life balance

How do we achieve work-life balance? Is there even such a thing? And should we treat ‘work’ and ‘life’ as two separate entities or are they more integrated than we would like to believe?

The L&D Lowdown – The Spooktacular Edition

Welcome to the Spooktacular Edition of the L&D Lowdown! This month we’re inspiring you to dust off the cobwebs and upgrade your skills. Plus, we share frightfully good advice on how to create a learning culture that won’t leave you with a skeleton crew.

The L&D Lowdown – The Autumn Edition

September heralds the start of Autumn and, with it, a feeling of change. In this month’s issue of the L&D Lowdown, we’re focusing on changes within the L&D landscape. So cosy on up, grab a warm drink, and embrace the change!

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