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7 Tips for How to Deal With Difficult People at Work

7 Top tips for how to deal with difficult people at work

Just as it’s impossible to be liked by everybody, so, inevitably, you will find yourself having to work with someone you just don’t like. Whether it’s a personality clash, their inconsideration for others, or annoying personal habits that drive you mad, it’s important to try to remain professional at all times.

The seven deadliest sins of social networking at work

While social networking can be a powerful means of communicating on an individual and organisational basis, employees don’t always make the connection between their professional and personal online presence

The recession is over, but let’s not forget the best lessons of austerity

It’s understandable that senior staff want to put the the hard days of the downturn behind them – and in a week when the British Chamber of Commerce predicted that the economy will soon exceed its pre-recession growth peak, why shouldn’t they?

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