12 months ago, Emerald Global Publishing Group purchased GoodPractice. They did so because they believed in our vision to improve the performance of leaders and managers, and saw the potential we had to grow into a global player.

Our first year as part of the Emerald Group has flown past. Emerald have been a fantastic partner, who have encouraged and supported us as we expand our horizons.

Heading back to Melbourne, Australia

In October last year, Chris Keenan and I headed to Australia on a fact-finding visit.

Melbourne skyline

I am heading back for a second visit soon, knowing we already have our first clients and two members of the GoodPractice family based in Melbourne. As Chris blogged the other week, we are also now in the process of looking at the US market. Watch this space as we explore the best way to break into the US!

Our first visit to Australia, just eight months ago, convinced Chris and me that the culture and language meant that Australia was a great place to to open our first international office. I was delighted when Giorgio Migliaccio agreed to be the face of GoodPractice in Australia. His commitment, along with that of Caroline Poh, who joined us earlier this year as our Australian Marketing Executive, have quickly reaped rewards.

Taking our toolkit global

I was excited by all the energy and positive feedback we encountered in Australia on our first visit.


I loved the fact that the people we met were straightforward to deal with, and gave us practical and helpful advice on the viability of the GoodPractice Toolkit for the Australian market. It really helped that 70:20:10 is so well understood in Australia.

The L&D professionals we met could immediately see how a performance support toolkit such as ours could drive a learning culture that empowers leaders and managers.

Our New Perspectives on 70:20:10 research report was very well received and certainly rang as true for L&D professionals in Australia as it did for their UK counterparts.

In October, I spoke at the Learning@Work conference about the preliminary results of our in-depth research study into the learning habits of 500 UK managers. Since then, we’ve produced two reports which have both been really well received in the UK: The Secret Learning Lives of UK Managers and Inside the Heads of UK Managers. The strong impression we got during the visit was that the results would, in all probability, be replicable if we ran similar surveys in Australia.

The visit in July is a two week whistle-stop tour of Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. I’ll be catching up with the friends we made last October, and meeting some new clients who are keen to work with us. I hope to come back having made more friends, discovered a bit more about Australia and learnt much more about talent development, leadership and management development in particular.

If you’d like to connect with me while I’m in Australia, drop me a line at: pcasebow@goodpractice.com.

  • Melbourne image credit: Flickr (accessed 30 June 2016).
  • Globes image credit: Flickr (accessed 30 June 2016).