I’m really excited to see both our new brand image and website launched today. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work by the team here at GoodPractice. The new brand and website are key tools as we look to build on our past success and continue to grow. I find it hard to believe that we are now in our tenth year as a business. It’s certainly been an eventful journey and it’s a great testament to the team here that we are now the number one provider of leadership and management toolkits in the UK. Quite an achievement for a organisation that isn’t a business school! There have been many contributing factors to our success; the focus on clients and constantly making sure the toolkits are aligned around the needs of users are just two of them. The biggest kick for me is hearing the triumph in a manager’s voice when they tell me they have used the toolkit and achieved something difficult and consequently received praise for it. It’s the manager who has achieved, but we have played a small part, and that’s just such a buzz. But things don’t stand still and I’m now focused on what we need to do to develop the toolkits to the next level. The big project this year is a review of the user experience of our toolkits and a development programme to take them to the next level. So I’m on the lookout for ideas, thoughts and suggestions on how best to develop the user experience of online toolkits so that we can take the next step in supporting our clients.