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How We Create Infographics

How we create Infographics

Stef Scott

One of the core jobs at GoodPractice is ensuring that our content is engaging, useful and current. Sometimes, this involves updating what we’ve already got to keep things fresh, but occasionally we embark on a project to introduce brand new types of content to our toolkits for leaders and managers.

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Mix Up Your Meetings

Mix up your meetings

Lee Murphy

Meetings, meetings, meetings - a necessary part of business life or a waste of time?

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Working With the Enemy

Working with the enemy

Catriona MacLeod

Just as it’s impossible to be liked by everybody, so, inevitably, you will find yourself having to work with someone you just don’t like. Whether it’s a personality clash, their inconsideration for others, or annoying personal habits that drive you mad, it’s important to try to remain professional at all times.

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