Over 98% of HR professionals think it’s important that people working in HR have well developed business awareness, yet only 1 in 10 say their HR department has the business acumen it needs to deliver effective change.

Where business acumen is apparent in the HR function, it’s present only at the most senior level, not across the department as most HR professionals think it should be.

Developing strategies to improve business awareness within the HR team is a top 3 priority for over 70% of HR professionals.

We’re just getting started and we still have a lot to learn, but the first highlights to come out of our commercial Acumen in HR study leave us in no doubt that today’s HR community is not as business savvy as it would like to be, and most professionals are keen to close the skills gap pronto.

As momentum builds and our findings crystallize more over the next few weeks we’ll be digging deeper to pinpoint the specific areas of business that HR people feel most vulnerable in: and we’ll be using the data you help us generate to formulate some unique tactics and approaches for the majority of HR people keen to close the business skills gap.

How to get the business acumen in HR report

The first people to receive the new report will be the HR and L&D professionals who helped us create it: and it’s not too late to participate.  Joining in is simple: just click here to take our five minute questionnaire. As one of the programme’s  contributors we’ll make sure you’re amongst the first to receive the new insights you help us formulate.