You learn a lot when you’re running the online learning resource toolkit that powers the learning mix for over one million leaders and managers across some of Europe’s most successful companies. This summer, we’ve analysed search traffic across our entire user base to produce the industry’s first ever Learning Demand Hotlist for senior executives.

If you’re struggling to perfect the blended learning mix for the senior execs, managers and supervisors in your business, here’s a unique snapshot of the resources leaders and managers are searching for right now.

 1. Top Tips & How To Guides

Easy to read, expertly laid-out guides that comprise step-by-step help programmes, further reading suggestions and recommended online references, Top Tips and How To Guides are the first resources L&D professionals turn to when developing a blended learning mix for their leaders and managers.

2. Key Ideas

Change Management, Brainstorming, Influencing, Mentoring and a variety of other key management concepts weave their way into blended learning approaches for senior staff, but are your leaders and managers as familiar with the fundamental concepts as they could be?

 By integrating key ideas resources into the blended learning mix, L&D professionals can boost their online offer with high-quality, well-referenced articles that define, explain and exemplify the key concepts most managers think they know, but almost always want to know better.

3. Exercises

‘How to close investment opportunities’, ‘Understanding Gantt charts’, ‘Identifying team member strengths’ or ‘Preparing for a performance review’: concise, practical exercises allow senior staff to practice and perfect important executive level skills, whilst others will serve as a useful template for supporting a specific job-related task or decision-making process. These exercises can be used to support self-learning, one-to-one learning and group learning activities.

L&D professionals integrate toolkit exercises into the mix either when key management skills need to be practiced and developed at senior level, or when senior managers need to develop and refine their team leadership skills.

4. Self Assessments

From light-hearted executive quizzes like ‘Jekyll or Hyde? What’s Your Problem-Solving Personality?’ to self-diagnostic tools that analyse skills such as team leadership or project planning, self-assessment modules provide L&D professionals with engaging, ready-made resources that support ‘test and measurement’ across the learning mix.

5. Templates

When your leaders and managers are learning new things, it helps them to know that the difficult challenges they’re facing today have been overcome successfully in the past. That’s probably why template searches have made the top five most searched for resource types in our hotlist.

Templates are practical tools that put learned skills into practice and help learners review key competencies. As competency develops, templates act as easy evaluation tools that help learners practice and ascertain progress. And once leaders and management are fluent with new skills, templates offer the fast and effective infrastructure they need, but often lack, when they want to deploy newly acquired skills quickly.

About GoodPractice toolkits

GoodPractice toolkits are easy-to-access leadership and management performance support resources that help senior employees and supervisors face difficult, everyday challenges. Comprising Case Studies, Audio Guides, How To’s, Self-Assessments, Key Ideas and more, our toolkits are helping L&D professionals deliver better blending learning approaches for senior company executives every day.

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