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Jonny Anderson

Technical Director


A bit about me: I am Technical Director at GoodPractice. I work hard to provide the world-class software we need to run our global brand. I dream up models that simulate the complexities of the GoodPractice business process and, through a continual, agile process, I hope to evolve the user experience closer to the ever-shifting, asymptotic target of optimality.  

The best thing about my job is: the freedom to implement my own ideas and the responsibility this entails.  

My biggest personal goal is: to understand more than I currently do.  

If I won the lottery I would: fully equip a laboratory and there build small, autonomous, robotic spiders. Spiders are an astonishing evolutionary product and to be able to get close to simulating their performance and properties would be very rewarding.


Interview with Jonny Anderson

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