Carolyn Freeman

Head of Business Development

Sales and Service

A bit about me: I am Head of Client Services and strive to build strong relationships with my clients through an understanding of their unique requirements. That way I can deliver engaging solutions that work for them. Effective communication is key in my role. Prior to GoodPractice I spent a number of years in Legal Publishing, where I gained invaluable experience in global organisations.

The best thing about my job is: working with clients from all different sectors where the common goal is to help their leaders and managers improve their performance. I love that I get to know the organisations I work with so well, and the relationships with my key contacts I've built in those companies are really important to me.

My biggest personal goal is: that my girls grow up to be well-rounded, individual and strong women.

If I won the lottery I would: buy a house in the country and fill it with animals that need a home or I'd buy an apartment on Nob Hill in San Francisco and enjoy my favourite city in the world.