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  • Got rescued by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  • Published in The Sunday Times and Chuck Norris Facts website.
  • Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique has been stuck in my car stereo for last 7 years.

Alastair Roy

Content Editor

  • Has worked in software for longer than anyone ought to.
  • Likes to play sport.
  • Spends a lot of time injured.

Arthur Seaton

Senior Developer

  • As a child, lived on a plantation in West Africa.
  • Used to be a flight attendant and once served Roger Moore.
  • Is animal mad - currently loves foxes.

Carolyn Freeman

Head of Client Services

  • Once played tennis with Virginia Wade.
  • Has an irrational fear of wind farms.
  • Has won the Cereal Box game many times.

Catriona MacLeod

Editorial Manager

  • Saw the original Led Zeppelin live.
  • Photobombed someone during a skydive.
  • Was a silver medalist at the 2016 UK Tug of War championships.

Clive Steer

Senior Client Services Account Manager

  • Once got stuck climbing Mont Blanc and had to turn back, a mere 400 metres from the summit!
  • Has skydived over the Whitsunday Islands in Australia.
  • Will never, ever skydive again!

Colin Howell

Senior Client Services Account Manager

  • Weighed a whopping 10.5lbs at birth.
  • Used to go drinking with Gerard Butler.
  • Would love to meet Billy Connolly.

Debbie Jarvis

Office Manager

  • Secret superpower is helping the lost.
  • Was the 1st female sergeant of the patrol guard in 6th grade.
  • Plays and coaches softball.

Diane Mullins

Senior Vice President, North America Sales

  • Happily watches shark documentaries for hours on end.
  • Previous career goal was to a paramedic, but couldn't stand the sight of blood.
  • Loves ice hockey and regularly attends games.

Gemma Campbell

Marketing Analyst

  • Drummed in a samba band at Stonehenge on the solstice.
  • Has shot a hole in one.
  • Ran an ultramarathon during a typhoon.

Gemma Towersey

Online Instructional Designer

  • Has been a previous holder of three world records.
  • Has an entirely rational fear of badgers.
  • Makes a mean espresso martini.

Gilli Goodman

Senior Client Services Account Manager

  • Loves, but is really bad at, golf.
  • Was once an Elvis impersonator.
  • Can't hold a tune.

Giorgio Migliaccio

General Manager – Australasia

  • Has been a butcher and a baker, but has never made a candle.
  • Has appeared in two Hollywood movies.
  • Once met the president of the Czech Republic.

Ian Wheelans

Director of Client Services

  • Has citizenship in 3 countries.
  • Is totally obsessed with her chihuahua Cleo.
  • Could eat breakfast all day.

Jade Stewart

Marketing Manager

  • Cannot abide musicals.
  • Walked 100km for charity without complaining (ahem).
  • Was the Scottish under 12 flute champion.

James McLuckie

Learning and Performance Solutions Director

  • Used to catch Tay Salmon and identify potato varieties for a living.
  • First computer program was written on a Sinclair ZX81 (1K).
  • Favourite things to eat are condensed milk and Frazzles.

Jonny Anderson

Technical Director

  • At age 4 I wanted to be a part time nurse, a full time hairdresser and marry a farmer. I achieved none of these.
  • When I was younger and had dinner parties my friends would bring sandwiches in case I forgot to cook!
  • We have a mulberry tree in our garden and we make mulberry gin every year.

Katie Danes

Senior Business Development Manager

  • Likes terrifying sports including cliff jumping, white water rafting and sky diving.
  • Is a qualified yoga teacher.
  • Loves to sing Guns N' Roses songs at karaoke.

Keira Hodge

Marketing Director

  • Once had an uncomfortably close encounter with a black bear.
  • Lives by the sea.
  • Is definitely a mad chicken lady!

Kirsten Wilson

Head of Product Development

  • In a previous life was gardener for Sydney's airports, and mowed the grass beside the runways.
  • Have climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro and walked the Camino de Santiago.
  • Loves to go fishing all around the world, including Alaska, Patagonia and Zambia.

Kyle De Klee

Senior Business Development Manager

  • Saw Simon & Garfunkel play at the Colosseum in Rome.
  • Has been to the top of the original World Trade Centre & the Freedom Tower.
  • Buys a Christmas bauble from every holiday destination.

Lee Murphy

Senior Solutions Consultant

  • Once took part in a dating show on BBC3.
  • Completed Tough Mudder with two broken bones
  • Once played Macbeth in a Japanese Kabuki version of The Scottish Play.

Michael Main

Senior Client Services Account Manager

  • Absolutely hates horror films (is a bit of a scaredy-cat really!)
  • Absolutely loves football - watching it and playing it.
  • Once took a Zumba class on a cruise ship and secretly enjoyed it.

Nathan Evans

Account Manager

  • Loves going for long-distance walks along the north west coast of Scotland.
  • Once had a close encounter with a huge angry baboon at Victoria Falls.
  • Is obsessed with dogs of all shapes and sizes but is particularly fanatical about dachshunds.

Nicola Boyle

Marketing Executive

  • Has a shih-poo (a dog) called Walter.
  • Played Baloo the bear in a stage school musical.
  • Has had an Audible audiobook account since 2007, and has listened to over 330 books.

Owen Ferguson

Managing Director

  • Lived in France for 3 years.
  • Can juggle four objects.
  • Has featured in a Jack Johnson music video.

Ross Dickie

Content Editor

  • Has entered the X Factor.
  • Once lived on the set of Lord of the Rings.
  • Once had purple hair.

Ross Garner

Instructional Design Manager

  • Loves to cook.
  • Loves to eat.
  • Has to go to the gym a lot.

Sai Cook

Graphic Designer

  • High school career choices included wanting to be a florist and a potter.
  • Is a nail technician and nail artist by trade.
  • Can perform a grease and oil change on cars.

Sharon McShane

Client Services Manager - Australasia

  • Loves horse riding - particularly dressage.
  • Takes part in the Swimathon every year.
  • Once hitch-hiked in Mexico.

Stef Scott

Content Marketing Manager

  • Likes going sailing.
  • Grew up wanting to be a taxi driver.
  • Once got 3 answers correct on University Challenge.

Stewart Hardie

Senior Client Services Account Manager

  • Has been to the top of the Forth Road Bridge towers.
  • Has driven a mini-digger.
  • Once was photographed for BBC Sport's homepage photo.

Tracey McDonald

Online Instructional Designer

UK: +44 (0)131 221 3100 2nd Floor, Stewart House, 22 North West Thistle Street Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 1EA

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