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The GoodPractice toolkits provide your leaders and managers with the “anytime anywhere” resources that they need, when they need them, to help them perform better in their jobs.

They offer leaders and managers a rich repository of learning and development resources developed by expert researchers, writers, designers and videographers. Tailored to your organisation’s needs, the engaging content is easy to use and constantly curated, to give your senior people the most up-to-date information and practical advice to help them do their jobs.

Branded to your needs and integrated with your learning management system (LMS) if necessary, our product is intuitive to use and includes content your current and future leaders need to enhance their performance.

We call it the toolkit.

When faced with an unfamiliar challenge, research1 shows that the three most common reactions by managers are:

  • Informal chats with colleagues (82% ask a friend at least once a month)
  • Search engines (just Google it)
  • Trial and error (55% of managers admit to doing this at least once a month)

However, business leaders need quick solutions to the wide range of issues and challenges they face daily, while HR and L&D departments want to ensure employees get relevant, high-quality resources where and when they need them.

With our toolkit, your staff can quickly find relevant information and practical advice to help them deal with the challenges they face. From operational performance issues, like time management, difficult conversations or effective recruitment, through to more strategic issues, like innovation, developing strategies or partnerships, your leaders and managers will find answers in their toolkit.< /p>

If you aren’t sure where there is a need for improvement, you need to try GP Assess.

1ComRes research carried out for GoodPractice 2009

Great content

Ranging from in-depth key idea pieces, practical how to guides and bite-sized top tips articles to team exercises, infographics and video interviews, our wide range of content will provide for all levels of interest and need. Whether your people are looking for a detailed explanation or a quick fix, they’ll find resources to match.

We will arrange a free demonstration to let you have a wander around this acclaimed product.

Dynamic Learning

To maximise usage and engagement with the toolkit’s wide range of resources, it’s vital to make them easily accessible. That means allowing people to access content how, where and when they want.

Our cutting-edge responsive technology makes our toolkits available across all platforms and devices. That means your people can learn where they want and how they want, whether that’s at their desk, on the train with their phone, or sitting at home with their tablet. They’ll receive exactly the same content, optimised for their preferred device. We work hard to make their lives easy.

Employee Engagement; Change Management; Self-awareness, Planning etc…The content is logically structured and searchable to make navigation simple and intuitive. We regularly update the content and periodic emails keep users engaged.

Our ongoing research, monitoring of subject-matter experts, and dialogue with our clients mean we always have our finger on the pulse of current thinking and best practice.

Our Experts

We have spent 15 years perfecting our learning and development tools and are second-to-none at providing client-centric, innovative and highly relevant material. Look at the people who place their trust in us year after year..

“Inspiring millions of leaders and managers to overcome challenges, improve their performance and excel.”Peter Casebow; Chief Executive

Measuring success

Our primary focus is to help leaders and managers get better at their jobs. We work in partnership with our clients from our first meeting to maximise engagement and help your staff to get the best use out of your toolkits.

Your toolkit can be branded to match your corporate identity, whether as a standalone site or integrated with existing systems. We will, vitally, provide analytics on user participation and tailored management information to ensure you maximise the return on your investment.

The GoodPractice Client Services team will continually advise on getting best use of the toolkit. We work with clients on an engagement strategy that will evolve as we learn more about how your people use the system. This is an ongoing process of improvement that leads not just to satisfied customers but to a real improvement in the performance of your leaders and managers.

ComRes research carried out for GoodPractice 2009

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