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Leadership & Management Tips

Perception vs Reality: How’s your L&D reflection looking today?

Recently we’ve been making a good deal of noise about our latest GoodPractice UK Learning Trends Survey. Crammed full of new industry research and giving a fresh view on the current state of  UK L&D today, we believe it’s essential reading for  HR managers serious about driving business success through… read more

Learning needs analysis not rigorous enough in L&D

All good L&D practitioners recognise the need to conduct learning needs analysis across the workforce – but how often should they do this? Our brand new 2014 UK Learning Trends Report reveals some key insights into this classic L&D area of responsibility. Traditionally, most organisations have analysed their Learning needs… read more

Great learning at the last ASTD conference and roll on the first ATD international conference.

At the beginning of May I had the privilege of attending the last ever ASTD International Conference  in Washington DC as part of the UK delegation and, as before, I found it a fantastic time for reflection and learning. This year, I also had the opportunity to speak with Eileen Harper from… read more

L&D professionals say they’re doing a better job than ever this year: but does anyone believe them?

Spoiler alert!  As we’re finalising the new 2014 Learning Trends report, some really key findings stand out as deserving of a quick heads up for those of you waiting for your advanced copy. In last year’s Learning Trends Survey senior L&D practitioners were keen to tell us how positively they… read more

Making a good first impression in business

First impressions are important. Richard Branson states that he usually makes up his mind about people within 30 seconds of meeting them. Research shows that we subconsciously form judgements and opinions very quickly when we meet people, and that these are based on our initial impressions. [1] In business there are… read more

Catriona MacLeod

Catriona MacLeod
Senior Editor


The recession is over, but let’s not forget the best lessons of austerity

It’s understandable that senior staff want to put the the hard days of the downturn behind them – and in a week when the British Chamber of Commerce predicted that the economy will soon exceed its pre-recession growth peak, why shouldn’t they? But as British business claws itself back to health,… read more

Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy
Editorial and Technical Consultant


Strategic Career Development – Making Your Move

Everyone has different career ambitions, and while your employer may take an active interest in developing your skills and knowledge, it’s ultimately your responsibility to take charge of your own career development goals. Whether you want to become the next chief executive or just fancy a change of scenery, the… read more

This year we’re going to ASTD to teach the Americans how to talk business

ASTD 2014 International Conference and Exposition (ICE) 4-7 May. We’re going, are you? In May this year GoodPractice are heading across the pond to Washington, DC as part of the UK delegation heading to ASTD’s ICE 2014. Why? Each Spring the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) hosts this… read more

Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy
Editorial and Technical Consultant


Good Habits for Leaders: Develop Your Creativity

When making New Year’s resolutions, people often focus on the bad habits they want to break: raiding the biscuit tin in the evenings, remaining glued to work emails over the weekend, spending too much time on social media…the list goes on! We prefer to think of the start of the year… read more

Economic upturn boosts confidence for L&D professionals @LT14UK today

Anticipated revenue growth over the next 12 months is now the top driver for new procurement decisions in learning according to visitors at today’s #LT14UK show. 23% of show visitors say they expect new revenue growth within the company to power new investments in 2014 with only 1% anticipating that… read more

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